Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How To Make Pretty Paper Flowers

Pretty Paper Flowers 

1. Use a sheet of copy paper or scrapbook paper and cut out a circle, it can be uneven.
2. Cut a spiral out of the circle. 
3. Roll the end of the paper toward the center of the spiral. 
4. Hold the flower in the palm of your hand, then let it unwind. 
5. Next use your glue gun and dab some glue inside the middle of the flower to keep it from springing forward.

For more ideas and pictures of paper flowers check out Emily Jones Design blog here.


  1. love glue dots for paper crafting. They are easy and clean. I think it makes a really pretty gift topper. I made some flowers like this to put on top.keep always nice posting on..... paper flowers

  2. Thanks for the idea of glue dots. I bought red paper from an office supply store for about three cents a sheet. A lot cheaper than the printed scrapbook paper at 59 cents a page. Someone suggested asking for outdated wallpaper books that a store would normally throw away.